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Saturday, November 3, 2012

keep wrinkles away when washing face daily

How to keep wrinkles away when washing your face daily? Put a little something, we can make our skin become white and tender, elastic.

[1] Put a little salt in basin of water to kill bacteria, can also get rid of the fat of our faces, especially oily skin, and long-term use can clear face grease or acne.

[2] Dry skin - put some honey and wash gently, pat your face, long-term use can make your sk...
in young l0 years, your dry skin will gradually disappear.

[3] in the basin, put a little vinegar vinegar can make your skin becomes smooth and elastic, because vinegar itself can change the pH of our skin, use it for a long time to wash our faces not easy for acne or pimples.

[4] if you use computers all day, add a little green tea, it can effectively resist radiation. The tea tannin role let dry skin disappeared without a trace. Long-term use can also make your skin pores fine.

In fact, doing this can make your skin become more white and shiny

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