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Friday, October 29, 2010


[11:22] eugenice: bought the train tickets to & fro
[11:22] eugenice: the most cheapest
[11:22] Lance: ok lo
[11:22] eugenice: RM60 per pax for us
[11:22] eugenice: RM34 for both of them
[11:23] Lance: both also day time?
[11:23] eugenice: cannot use credit card, so i hv to walk to the CIMB to get from atm
[11:23] Lance: what day?
[11:24] eugenice: when i just walked down from the pedestrian bridge next to nanyang, an young indian girl walking towards me suddenly fell unconscius in front of me
[11:25] Lance: :(
[11:25] eugenice: for 1 minute, i was doubt to help becos i worried this might be a trap that caught me in
[11:25] eugenice: i turned around and shouted hello
[11:26] eugenice: then another young indian lady which already walked up the bridge ran down
[11:26] eugenice: i asked her "your friend? u know her"
[11:26] Lance: oh
[11:29] eugenice: then i offered my help immediately
[11:29] eugenice: rubbed her with the medicated oil, massaged her, giving airway clear for her
[11:29] eugenice: some old man from the old kopitiam also came out
[11:29] Lance: oh
[11:29] eugenice: they offered the warm water to pour on her face
[11:30] Lance: :)
[11:30] eugenice: i also placed the oil in front of her nose
[11:30] eugenice: then slowly she awakes
[11:30] eugenice: -" src="" height="18">
[11:30] Lance: maybe no eat
[11:30] eugenice: i m so glad
[11:30] Lance: poor ppl skip bfast
[11:30] eugenice: so i just proceed to bank to withdraw $
[11:31] eugenice: on my way back, both young indian girls still there, resting on the chair
[11:31] eugenice: i asked if she is ok now, but she did not know me at all
[11:31] Lance: :)
[11:31] eugenice: the friend also did not tell her i was her 救命恩人
[11:31] eugenice: 算了
[11:31] Lance: :P
[11:32] eugenice: 行善不求回报
[11:32] Lance: kids maa
[11:32] eugenice: i continued to walk back to KTM office to pay
[11:32] eugenice: my body all sweat now
[11:32] Lance: :(
[11:39] Lance: Good cause lo...earn karma

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莎莎妈咪 sab said...

哇!你很好心咯。。。。一定会有好报 :)

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