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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


heard from a friend that someone managed to avoid a bypass surgery after
he drank this soup every morning for 25 days! For the normal person, just
drink it once in a while.


1) black fungus (80g)
2) old ginger (80g)
3) red dates (10)


1) Soak the black fungus in water until it is soft and then wash it clean.
2) Cut the ginger (without removing the skin) into roughly 8 slices.
3) Remove the seeds from the red dates.
4) Put all the ingredients into a slow cooker.
5) Add in 8 cups of water into the cooker.
6) Cook the mixture for 6 hours using low heat.

It is best to prepare this in the evening and start cooking before you go to bed. If you start cooking at say 9 pm, the soup should be ready for drinking by 6 am.

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