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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Second break in for my office within 6 weeks 破财挡灾.

I rushed to office on Fri 28 Aug morning ( on medical leave) when received calls from colleagues to inform about the burglary happened last midnight.
Cant stop myself & burst into tears when seeing my desk/ drawers in a mess, my Canon camera & PDA Palm were left with their covers on my floor.

EweChin Eugenice Wong 黄幼君

EweChin Eugenice Wong 黄幼君 办公室第二度被爆窃,个人CANON 相机及PDA PALM 被偷,再见我的许多资料及照片 :(

Friday at 11:37am Friends Only · ·

Maurice Lim 损失惨重,当着破财挡灾吧。Friday at 11:42am
Tan Siek Yin so sad to hear that, be happy
Lee Chin how come? second time oledi? OMG....
Chee Ming Koay 色即是空。。。
Joanne Loh 淑玲 oh no... sorry to hear that!!!! any P&C photos and infos in there???
Kutsi Clarence Yang 哎呀!如何發生? PDA 的資料有存檔嗎? 我也用PDA Palm.
Jinling Yap 静玲 aiyo. Remember that u are more precious than all the stolen stuffs........... take care!
Highblood Lim huh, so terrible? pg hq?
Lynn Koay 郭蕙宁 慧玲 claim insurance.....hehehehe
Khoo Bee Lee take care...
Susan Oo So sorry to hear that ...
Ting Tan 陈琼婷 Was it done by internal people?
Wai Wan: Gosh, terrible break in. lost of data & info is worst than losing the equipment. Any insurance to cover personal lost? I dont think so right?
EL Wong: Things stolen can claim insurance, but photos n info got back up?

EweChin Eugenice Wong 黄幼君
Thx all for the concern....hope it was for 破财挡灾.
Actually this was the 1st time i left the above belongings at office. Have been coughed & lost voice for 3 days, went to see doc ytday, got mc and back home straight. Within the night, i got the "lottery"! See how lucky I m!
Friday at 10:00pm

EweChin Eugenice Wong 黄幼君
Joanne: yes, there are lots of p&c's in!!
Clarence: info stored but not up-to-date
Jinling: yes, i told myself the same too
Highblood: yes, at the 3rd road
Lynn: did not buy ins for that lah
Ting: believed to be the foreign workers from a construction site nearby
Friday at 10:00pm

Chiat Lin Lai 怎么会发生这种事? 办公室有闭路电视吗? 照相机被偷, 里面的照片也没了, 那真的很可惜耶! 臭小偷!
Sabrina Woong CW oh oh....2 time in such a short period :( hope u are getting better soon. things lost just "see open' bit la.
Celinn Su Take care !
Goh Siew Khoon Sorry to hear abt. that !
Saw Hooi Cheng 刚刚看完报纸,病好了?

EweChin Eugenice Wong 黄幼君 good bye to my Canon camera & PDA Palm

  • Yee Lik Vee Cheng likes this.
    • Ren Zhi here can't see ur name n photo..
      we saw it in the newspaper..
      take care~
      Yesterday at 1:24pm · ·
    • Celinn Su Take care !
      Yesterday at 1:30pm · ·
    • Belle Ong 振作!
      21 hours ago · ·
    • Khoo Bee Lee take care...
      19 hours ago · ·
    • Lee Wai Wan When things are loss, there is always new one coming in, so dont feel too upset, you can buy a new one.
      16 hours ago · ·
    • EweChin Eugenice Wong 黄幼君 we can always replace things but the lost photos & data can never be replaced
      16 hours ago · ·
    • Lee Wai Wan Yah, the most "sim tia" is the date, info and photos that can never be replace. This reminds me to process my photos liao.
      16 hours ago

And last week, I nearly shot dead by police because of 四条罪狀: 路稅逾期, 駕照逾期, 退後轉及邊駕駛邊听手机!
That was such an unlucky week for me. maybe I should listen to the police to have a "mandi bunga" !

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