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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is so hard to be a superwoman!

At office, the so called "manager" also has to handle everything from A to Z, including water leaking from ceiling, cartridge replacement, hiring people, overflow at toilet bowl till meet with super VVIP, running a National Award大马企业奖, etc.
KWYP is celebrating 100th anniversaries this year and we hv thousands of programmes to run since last Dec, throughout the year till Dec 2010. My full body is pain since last Nov, especially headache at night time. Cant sleep well for months. My weight has dropped to only 46kg.
Now on acupuncture every alternate day & vacuum twice weekly.

accupuncture started from 2010-01-14

Chinese Vacuum:
2010-03-11 onwards

Besides work, I also have to look after my mom & both my parents in law who are all aged & ill.
I have cut down my daughter's piano, ballet & yoga. Now only send her to swimming & singing weekly.

With the full time stressful work and trying to be a perfect mom, life is so hard for we women to be superwomen!

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